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Old 01-05-2018, 09:54 PM
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Default First Lite clothing review

Not wanting anything for Christmas and the fact that for the last few years, my wife and I have basically bought our own gifts, usually of things that we would not normally just purchase out of the blue, I decided to upgrade most of my hunting clothes, looking for the warmest, thinnest, and most comfortable clothes. I researched for several weeks deciding on what to try. I settled on merino wool and First Lite clothing.

With a little research, I saw that some companies would run big sales at the end of the year, one being MidwayUSA. I waited and sure enough, a few weeks back, Midway started running clearance sales from roughly 35% to about 60% off MSRP. So, I ordered me a few pieces for Christmas and I have tried them out this week in this brutal weather.

No bullshit, these are the real deal in comfort and warmth.

I bought the Sanctuary bibs, the Woodbury jacket, the Chama QZ pullover and Uncompaghre puffy (bought after I had tried the other pieces) and the Halstead fleece QZ. Also picked up the Springer vest in earth for everyday wearing for work.

I've always been a big fan of Cabelas berber fleece with the windshear and even though it works great, I hated the bulkiness of the clothes. I'm big bellied and putting on the clothes made me feel like a tick and look like the Michelin Man. I am also long in the torso and in most clothes other than bibs, I have a hard time keeping my butt crack and lower back covered. With these, they covered everything well. The First Lite clothes are about a third of the thickness and warmer than any of the Cabelas line. The best part is that the outer layers are kinda stretchy and allow a lot more range of motion while climbing or moving around in general, especially in the shoulder area, which in my case, I have wide shoulders and the pullover from Cabelas always seemed tight in that area.

Here is how I dressed this week:
Monday evening 28 degrees Wind chill 20.
Midweight MidwayUSA merino wool bottoms
normal pair of sweatpants
First Lite Sanctuary Bibs
MWUSA midweight merino top
FL Chama QZ
Halstead QZ
Woodbury Jacket

Wednesday evening: 31 degrees Wind Chill 24 degree
same setup

Thursday evening 26 degrees Wind Chill 16 degrees
Same setup on bottom
Added the Uncompaghre below the Woodbury Jacket

This morning was the ultimate test
Friday morning 14 degrees Wind Chill 3 degrees
Same setup on top and bottom from day before

These are brutal temp for around here, especially with a 10+ wind.

The only parts of me that were cold were my hands when they were out of my pockets, around my eyes that were not covered and my toes were getting chilled towards the end of the evening hunts and the end of this mornings hunt. I was never a bit cold on the rest of my body. No shivering, no cold spots, nothing. I felt like I was sitting in a nice warm sleeping bag.

With Midway having a great return policy, I was glad the temps fell so that I could give them an honest try and if I didn't like them I would of returned them.

So if you are ever thinking of trying out any of their clothes, don't hesitate, they have an excellent warranty and so far, I am very impressed. Enough, that I ordered 2 of their Wilkin QZ (still on clearance at Midway) shirts for next year's warm weather hunting.

So buy once, cry once! ( I know I will be when my CC statement comes in for January)
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Old 01-06-2018, 08:06 AM
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I've got the Sanctuary Jacket and Bibs, Allegheny base layers, Llano shirt, the Springer vest and assorted other base layers.. All in the Cipher camo.. It aint cheap but it's Great stuff
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Old 01-06-2018, 09:14 AM
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Cool. Appreciate the review
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