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Old 03-05-2018, 11:05 AM
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We have already compromised plenty. That Gun Control Act was a heaping pile of concessions. There was even that useless assault weapons ban. Its the disarmament crowd who doesn't compromise.

Every time a tragedy occurs, they never look at any solutions. They just seize the chance to try disarm their opponents. None of it is about gun control for crime prevention.

I believe private citizens should be able to have any weapons the government does, short of nukes. The reason is at is was when the country was founded. At some point, you always have to fight for your rights. You had better have the weapons to get it done when the time comes, because the progressives who start the fight for sure will.

Y'all may recall a progressively minded individual in Washington started the last war. It was one by the side with superior arms and supplies. Individuals like the Founding Fathers won't start the fight. It will be a reaction to attack by the same kinds of people who are trying to disarm us now.
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