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11-1 PM 6Pt moving too fast about 40 yards away

11-2 PM, back at the water oak patch, 3 does came by at 35 yards. At the edge of the patch is an older water oak, branches are broken and short but either taste better or still produce more cause they always stay around longer there. 2 come back and get at 30 to my right and as i'm watching them, the 3rd appears at 20 in front of me. Senses me and is on alert, the other take notice and head to leave the area. The 2 on the right cross in front of me. As the 3rd one gets to 25 yards and behind some foliage I draw and get busted, she gets out to 35 quick and turns and stares. Rushed the shot

Youth season opens this morn and ML starts on Monday. Hope to shed some more blood soon
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