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Originally Posted by Bilgerat View Post
Well I guess I wont be hunting this farm any time soon, The guy wont answer My text or calls. Don't understand why people do shit like this,
why Post a lease available on line, then not respond at all. I was the first to respond, spent an hour on the phone with him discussing the farm and make an agreement and then when it come time to pay up...., poof...., no response .\
No... Im sorry but plans have changed, Nothing... pisses Me off !!.
Originally Posted by Bilgerat View Post
Ive found another farm in Schuyler co right off the Illinois river that I'm leasing, Just me and one other guy are going in on it. Ill have it all to My self for the whole bow and late season, The other fellow is only gonna hunt the shotgun season.
That was a quick turn around..

Good luck!
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