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Originally Posted by Quickdraw View Post
That's a tough situation Dennis. I've had 2 family members call me asking for money this week. I have 2 family members that are 56 and 58 yrs old and neither can take care of themselves. 1 called me again today begging for a $100 so they want get evicted from the appt they rent because their 80 yr old mother kicked her out. Alcohol and drugs has been her downfall. 2'times in rehab but apparently she has relapsed�� We can discuss tomorrow at the ponds
I know I am a cold hearted bastard, I hear it all the time, but I swore off giving/loaning money to pretty much anyone. I help my in laws out when needed, but that is only because my father in law is totally disabled and been unable to talk since his massive stoke in 1990 and the bullshit penance that disability pays is not enough.

But everyone else can go **** themselves and that is exactly what I tell them. I would be willing to help a close family member or friend if it was a real hardship situation, but I'm not helping anyone too sorry to work or just wants a handout.

A few years back, my Mom called and asked if I could give my poor, sorry ass sister some deer. I said sure and packed a big cooler full of deer, turkey, saltwater fish, even some chicken. My Mom came and got the cooler, took it to my sister and even had to bring my cooler back. I never received a thanks, kiss my ass or anything from my sister. The only thing that I heard was from my Mom and my sister had told her to tell me that they really like deer meat made into jerky.

I told my Mom and I know this sounds awful but to tell my sister "go **** herself and her n...... boyfriend and don't ever ask me for another handout".

I've watched my Mom give her tens of thousands of dollars over the years for any kind of bullshit money woes that she can lie about. I am more like my Dad, he told my sister years ago that he wasn't giving her another cent if that was the only reason she visited him, she has been there to see him once in about 12-15 years and that is only because he went thru a health scare and she thought he was about to die. Since he has gotten somewhat better, she hasn't been back around.

Sorry to ramble, but sorry ass people get me steamed
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