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Originally Posted by HT2 View Post
Man, that is a deal Chuck!!!!!!!!

I got a few leads myself on hunting up there this year..........

I'm looking forward to it.........

Good Luck brotha!!!!!!
I'm looking forward to it also, I was up there 2 1/2 weeks ago feeding everybody was poor mouthing about how they needed rain. Last year (in the big drought) corn did not make, much less soybean. Well since then I returned last weekend and it had rained 7" inches in two weeks corn looks like its grown 2' taller and is now making tassels ,soybean is looking good. I'm glad for the farmers. It also means more food sources for the deer! (healthier deer). I put out another 2000 pounds of feed/protein pellets. Now I am getting excited about hunting season approaching. Next trip we will be doing some bush hogging, getting the house completely set up. This lease is kind of a late season acquisition. But as we all know it is hard to pass up good hunting grounds. Thanks, Chuck
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