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Saturday 11-27
I had high hopes for today, but they didn't pan out. Awful windy day. This morning you could have made a blooper show if you had been filiming me. It all started out when I decided to take a different route into my funnel loc on stand, and on top of taking a different route, I thought I would go in to stealth mode and not use a light. Which normally is no problem if you know where your going. Anyway I stepped in a huge hole, and fell into a bunch of briars, and as I fell the bandollier holster I had across my chest thumped me pretty good in the fore head. Then I got my tree and I had intentionally not worn my jacket because I didnt want to sweat going in or climbing up. I got up the tree about thirty feet up, and dropped my jacket. So I had to go all the way down and retreve it. Also so saw no deer. Hunted until 11AM. Very forgetable morning. This afternoon I tried a area I had scouted in August, but just never bothered to hunt until now. I didn't see a thing, however I will hunt here again in more favorable conditions. There's a ton of sign in there, and its a pain in the ass to get there and will be a nightmare getting a deer out. Just THE PLACE where you may shoot something to brag about. Tomorrow I'm going to hunt the clear cut. I really want to shoot a deer with my late fathers pistol, but the deer are in the clear cut right now, so I'm breaking out old faithful, and we'll see what transpires in the AM.
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