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Default Rabbit hunt 1-26-08 Morgan County

Me, Jack, and Jody traveled down to Ultramag's (Jerry) hunting club for a rabbit hunt this morning...We were joined by Jerry's G/f's son Heath and P&Y Finally (Chris)...We had some great races this morning and came home with a few rabbits....We wound up killing 5 cottontails and buck rabbit....It was Heaths first rabbit hunt and he wound up killing the buck and a cottontail....The fellowship was top notch again this morning... I won't tell y'all how many times we shot to kill these 6 rabbits...:stir: Here are a couple of pics from the day plus one video....I had the idea I was gonna try and video myself on a kill shot...I guess it was beginners luck because I pulled it off on the first try.. Hope y'all enjoy...

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