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Well it was slow on the below the shop hole. We had killed 1 mallard Drake. You know it's bad when you are begging shovelers to come to the spread. We had a lone Drake spoonie light about 60 yards from the pit, couple pop shots and a lone pellet pierced his head. He ended up sailing about 200 yards out. After a couple of "controlled" breaks, heath had to send her on a blind to get the duck. Missy nailed the blind over a couple of levees that were pretty strong factors that would have sent a lot of dogs on the wrong path. On her way back, she decided it was best to travel the top of the levee with some wing over her eyes. Slightly blinded and more deafened by the water splashing, she carried the duck about 150 yards past us directly to the 4 wheelers, which were parked on the end of the levee that she took. Once at the 4 wheeler, she could hear the whistles and commenced to bring the duck back to the pit. We all got a good laugh out of it as it seemed to cover about 15 minutes of an otherwise dull sit in our pit.
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