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Originally Posted by Havana Dude View Post
Ryan, I know you want no sympathy, but I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. I get encouragement from you as you stay as active as possible. My story is a little different than you describe. I was turned down by a neuro surgeon to fix my problem. I took my wife with me for that appointment. I didn't realize or know at the time, that he was a ***** hound, and couldn't keep his eyes off my wife's tits the whole time we were in there. I wanted to say something, but thinking he might cut on my back, I stayed quiet. Besides, I can't really blame him, she has a rather nice rack. So then I went for pain management, that lasted a couple years. Ice pick in the back returned to the point that I was back in the chair quite a bit. For me, as active as I usually am, that is difficult for me. So I sought out a second opinion from a orthopedic surgeon. He blew me off at first as well, but said come back if it persisted. It did, so here I am. I likely have more surgeries in the future, next will probably be to fuse 4-5. That is NOT my desire, but if necessary, I'm there.
Sometimes there is no other choice man. Sounds like that is your case for sure and it may be the case with Gio as well. it would be a very last resort to ever have anyone cut on my back again though. Best wishes in your recovery bud
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