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Ryan, I know you want no sympathy, but I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. I get encouragement from you as you stay as active as possible. My story is a little different than you describe. I was turned down by a neuro surgeon to fix my problem. I took my wife with me for that appointment. I didn't realize or know at the time, that he was a ***** hound, and couldn't keep his eyes off my wife's tits the whole time we were in there. I wanted to say something, but thinking he might cut on my back, I stayed quiet. Besides, I can't really blame him, she has a rather nice rack. So then I went for pain management, that lasted a couple years. Ice pick in the back returned to the point that I was back in the chair quite a bit. For me, as active as I usually am, that is difficult for me. So I sought out a second opinion from a orthopedic surgeon. He blew me off at first as well, but said come back if it persisted. It did, so here I am. I likely have more surgeries in the future, next will probably be to fuse 4-5. That is NOT my desire, but if necessary, I'm there.
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