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Originally Posted by Lt. View Post
I had four of those primos black out cameras last year, but the bears like to eat them and the deer were bolting a lot on night time pics. Something about them just got the bears attention at night as well. This year I have 5 wildgame innovation crush 20 black out cameras. They take great pics and have a great trigger speed. The thing that I like about them is they have two lenses and each with their own lense portal. One for day and one for night so there is no mechanical noise from a rotating lense that clicks into place at night at every single pic. Most cameras have two lenses that clicks into place one for day and the night time with a larger apperatrue. I swear that deer can hear that little click and they were bolting. They don't do that crap any more with these cameras. I also have two spypoint evo blackout wireless cameras. They are okay, but I think that there is a lot of room for improvement.
Just picked up two from Academy for 80.00 each and am glad to hear you liked them....Havent put them out yet but they sound promising!
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