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Default Goose hunt so far

Yesterday afternoon we forgot most of our stuff for the set up.. so we improvised and have stayed with the same set up ..
We had competition in the field yesterday evening. The other guy was set up on the other side with 3 dozen deks.. Had a lone bird fly in and land on top of him, he shot and missed, the lone bird flew away
Then another very small flock circled and left... then a flock of at least 50 circled and dropped right on top of him.. He fired once and they all flew away. Some got kind of close to us so we took a hail mary and didnt connect.
This morning, We were the only ones and had nothing until 9:30 when one flock surprised us out of no where and dropped right in to our little spread. They were on the ground and we agreed to stand up and shoot them... I dropped 3 boom,,, boom,,, boom... Steve.... well... He can't hit a damn thing



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