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Originally Posted by Timber Cruiser View Post
So 4 years of priority points got me a turkey hunt at Clybel. Scouted last weekend and saw zero sign of any birds having ever set foot on the 6400 acres. Place is beautiful though. Decently managed from a forestry and wildlife perspective as well. Monday was windy so went yesterday to give it a try. Not a gobble. Put 11 miles on the boots and never saw a track. I picked Clybel because it was close enough to drive to the morning of. Guess I'll start saving up for Piedmont now. If you like to fish, camp, hike or dove hunt, Clybel is probably a good WMA but way too many roads and public pressure to house turkeys IMO. Anyone else ever hunt THE PLACE?
Did the same thing you did. Wasted my points. Itís only 3 miles from my house. There were birds on it then. Heard a couple scouting. Apparently every other hunter heard them too.. Iíll never waste another point out there again.
"Human footprints, I find, are always a disappointment in the wilderness, even when they are my own."
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