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I watched the whole thing(except for a 22 minute break for some action). He missed some YUGE opportunities to bury that bitch. She wants to raise taxes on both individuals and companies, raise minimum wage, and give free education to everyone. My question would be once all of that is paid for by the "wealthy", what is left to create any jobs? All of those ideas will REDUCE employment. Trump should have jumped all over that. Then she pitched him the biggest softball of the night on cyber security. While she was pounding on Russia he should have turned it on her saying the threats potentially came from her sending 100+ classified emails. He also missed another opportunity with the black folk. They have been "counted on" by the Democratic candidate for years and they aren't any better off today than they were 10, 20, 30, or 50 years ago. Why keep buying into the lies?

He wasn't prepared, but I don't think either candidate swayed the "undecided."

Just throw the rubbers on the dash and take a chance
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