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Originally Posted by Gator View Post
Delton...I planted 12 plants last year i think and was getting between 100-150 peppers a WEEK! My best year. I took a lot better care of them this time but nothing special. I started mine from seed too.

But either way from seed or seedlings once they got about 6 inches tall and had good branches i started hitting them hard with Miracle Grow tomato fertilizer 3 times a week. and straight water the other 4 days. I watered em every day if it didnt rain. I did this till they started putting out good. All the while i was putting all my used coffee grounds around the plants. I drink a lot of coffee and was getting the grounds from work too. (dont know if that really helps but read it somewhere) and like i said i had peppers coming out my ears last year. Still have several gallons in the freezer and i made several batches of jelly and canned a bunch of pickled peppers.

some of my plants were so full i had to put up stakes on them to hold them up only gonna plant 9 this year i think. but several different varietes.
I'll try it then. We will need enough for two of us to make plenty of jelly, so we will go with 12...

Anything I can do now to get the process going? Or is it still too cold to worry with it?
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