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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
We planted this stuff a few years ago after being told it was drought tolerant. Well it did very well until last summer. We have not seen a green, thriving cover leaf for about 9 months now and in most plots we have not even seen a stem or a leaf since before deer season last fall! Well, I chit you not that stuff is coming back. Not as thick as it was before the drought and it has certainly let in a lot of weed competition, but it's coming back nonetheless. We will have to replant a lot of areas next fall, but at least there will be a little clover for the deer and turkeys this spring.
I helped plant a very long strip of Duranna in Washington C. over 4yrs ago.

I've seen that 400yd long strip literally turn chit brown and whither away the last 2yrs in the summer, but it comes back as lush and strong in the spring every time. Or I should say everytime the rain comes back strong.

It's amazing stuff.

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