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This what I like about the group at THE PLACE we can talk about different kinds of issues, voice our opinions and no one gets pissed.

Having said that, my opinions on Biblical issues have come from many places. My eyes and ears are always open. I read the Bible, books, yes post, listen to preaching not only at my church, but other outlets also. Then I try to take what I've heard and compare it to the Bible. God has given us our owner's manual it is up to us to figure out how to use it.
To often I hear people saying things they have been told or heard without one ounce of thinking. I think God wants us to think, ask, listen and share so we all can learn.
My best thoughts and ideas have always gave from input of someone else. It's not always agreeing with them but something they said turned a light on in my head. But thats just me!
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