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Slow weekend. DIdn't get to hunt as much as I had planned. On Friday, I hunted the hard wood ridge pich point where I ahd seen a small 8pt Friday after Thanksgiving. I didn't see a thing. Then yesterday Morning I hunted the clear cut and saw a button buck and one doe. I wpould have shot if she woud ahve given me a descent shot. All I ahd was a 150 yard neck shot. I'm not a big neck shot guy, so I rolled the dice thinking she may present a better shot, but she didn't. Then today hunted in wind and didn't see a thing. I was the only one on the club, so around 10am, I got down and walked for about an hour. Kind doing a little still hunt/scouting. Found some very good turkey sign, and some descent buck rubs. I walked an area of the club, I hadn't spent much time, and was pleased with what I found. Oh' well back after them next weekend.
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