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Originally Posted by Sixes View Post
Maybe yall can mutiny and get control of the land and kick out the jackass
We ahve talked about it. It will be a tough to do. The landowner does not want any drama, and we are afraid if we aproach him about it, he'll just say to heck with it, and lease the land to someone else. He made it perfectly clear he does not want drama, and does not want to baby sit grown men. Also the land has an overseer, and the jerk that runs are club has him fooled. It's like Eddie haskell used to act around Beaver's folks. That's that's the way this guy acts towards the overseer. Then when the overseer leaves, this fool makes fun of him. Anyway I hunted Sunday morning and didn't see anything. I did move my climber to a small island of tree's in the clear cut, and I should catch something out there. At this point, I'm just lookin to shoot a couple of does for the freezer. In the back of my head, I still think I could connect on a shooter buck. This is awesome ground, and I paln on hunting the string out pretty hard.
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