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Default Could use some prayers

As some of you know, I have an identical twin brother who lives back in Oklahoma where I'm from. We have a sister who is 9 years older than we are. She has been like a second mom to us, helping my mom and dad as we were growing up. She married her husband at the age of 19 in 1967. Her husband was going to OTS (Officer Training School) in the Air Force when they got married. At the age of 20, she discovered she had Thyroid Cancer. For 10 years, she had 7 surgeries, cobalt treatments, radiation treatments, chemo on her thyroid. Basically radiational burning. Keep in mine this is back in the late 60 's and early 70's. They retired in Warner Robins, my brother in law a retired Colonel. The past 2 years, she has been having blackout episodes etc. which led to mini strokes. She goes to Emory to see what was causing these, and they discover both arteries to her brain, are 100% blocked. They try to go in there and open them up, but it was like concrete the Doctors tell her. After the treatment for her cancer, the scar tissue leading to her brain has blocked everything, except her brain stem and high blood pressure. That was how she was getting blood to her brain and keeping her alive. On Sunday, she had the big one, stroke, and now her family has decided to remove her from life support, and let go home to be with God. She is still breathing on her own, but at any moment, I am expecting that dreaded phone call. Sorry for the long story, but what can I say. Thanks for reading and if you could say a short prayer for her family, and my sister. Going to miss her.
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