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Originally Posted by Gimp View Post
I have never built an AR and dont have a clue what all it takes as far as parts and labor goes. I can tear apart and fix Paslode nailguns about blindfolded so I figure it cant be too hard.
Every bit of info you would need you can find online. I built mine and the entire AR platform was foreign to me. You can find how-to charts and parts lists all across the internet. A punch set and a barrel wrench are the only tools you would need. The trickiest for me was putting the lower parts kit in. Very doable though.

I did mine that way because I knew the features I wanted...I did not want to buy a built gun to then discard parts to add what I wanted.

Find yourself a lower and start from there. It has to go through the FFL. After that you can do as you wish. As long as it isn't a pistol build.

It was a lot of fun to build. If you have the time you may really enjoy doing it yourself.
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