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Done did this this weekend.

Beautiful Butts

2 6lb Boston Butts
Dry Rub (Black Pepper,Seasoned Salt, Chili Powder,Cayenne Pepper Garlic)

The night before coat the Butts with mustard (cheap French's Yellow) then shake on the rub and get it everywhere good and thick. Wrap in plastic and place in fridge for at least 12 hours.

Get the smoker going and settle at 225 degrees. Let the Butts rest at room temperature while getting the smoker ready.

Place the butts on the smoker and leave until internal temp reaches 195 degrees. The meat will plateau at 170 degrees and sit there for at least 4 hours while it breaks down the fat and collagen.....This is where it gets teeenddderrr. Usually 2 hours per pound so plan on a 12 hour cook for a 6 pound Butt.

Pull the Butts and wrap in aluminum foil for at least an hour to absorb the moisture. Grab a fork and start pulling the BBQ.......Slap your Mama Good.

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