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Originally Posted by Sixes View Post
that NCHillbilly arrogant prick fellow from GON, .
You mean ol "Ive been there, done that, have the t shirt and am much better than you are at it" Nicodemus wannabe NCHillbilly? That guy?

Heres his latest Now someone is welcome to correct me if Im wrong but I think there is only ONE point in NC thats over 6000 feet, Mt Mitchell, and as far as I know there isnt any hunting allowed anywhere near there . Dude that started the thread asked for highest elevation GEORGIA buck anyway.

Yeah, he gets on my last effing nerve. If you could block Admin, he would be the one I blocked

Originally Posted by NCHillbilly View Post
I have bowhunted a time or two in one spot in NC at over 6,000 feet and seen deer. Never killed one up there yet, though. This is a Southern Appalachian Bald type spot.
"I've been working here for 44 years. Ain't nobody ever ordered nothing but a T-Bone steak and baked potato. Except one time, this @sshole from New York ordered a trout, back in 1987. We ain't got no g**d*mned trout".,

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