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Default Dear Turkey Hunters

I think I can speak for the majority here and if not then I'm sorry but hear me out. (well i take that back im not sorry) Because I LOVE turkey hunting and talking turkey.
Keep the negative connotations about other members to yourself. (and no, none that are being attacked/or not have said anything to me)

The internet is so easy, in that- when you don't like somebody- you DON'T have to be around them. If you DON'T like someone but still feel the need to let them know, why dont you man up get their # and call them. Or send a private message. There is no current rules here about lying on another forum or here. People LIE- its a fact of life. It sucks but its true. If someone has lied to you in the past- I'd probably write them off, and cut off contact with them on here.
"Human footprints, I find, are always a disappointment in the wilderness, even when they are my own."