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Originally Posted by philmanuts View Post
This land is private owned and it is near Warm Springs. The same guy has leased it for 15 years and only bowhunted the property. The lease price is $10,000 but it includes a house and it must go with the lease. So the price is not to bad considering it has a house to stay in. I don't know anything other than the heads the guy has killed on it and the video he took while he was hunting and one of the videos last year had 3 bucks over 140 together in velvet. They were not killed. The guy who leased it bought some land and can't afford to lease it again. He hunted it by himself, yes he has money to waste $10,000 on one lease! Anyway if I have enough interest I will try to look it over with some of ya'll.

Sorry 600 acres
Sorry that is a little too much for me, I will go as your guest though!
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