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Originally Posted by duhollywood1 View Post
Started dog= a dog that will pick up the birds he/she sees; may or may not be steady
Seasoned/Senior Dog= a dog that handles, should be steadied, capable of multiple retrieves with great success.
Finished dog= You will never know they are in the blind until you send them. People ask in amazement "how did you do that".

The only difference in a meat dog and a trail/test dog, is that the owner choose to or not to run the trail/test. Now a good trail/test dog versus one that does not excel in the trail/test arena could mean merely inches. This is all assuming that the dog is well trained.
Then mine is listed as started then....He will pick up every bird he sees fall and has made some great retrieves this year...My only problem is that he is very steady and minds good in the yard...In a hunting situation, not so much...
Hey dont look near as fat sitting next to a big bodied buck as you do next to an average doe!" ....gatorb
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