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Quickdraw 10-25-2017 06:11 PM

Chess Game
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Update 11/6

I got 2 shooter 10 pts and a big 7pt that I have got on cam in a funnel area between a hayfield and creek-bottom. Hunted it this am and saw a new buck a 2.5 yr old 8. None of the 3 big bucks showed today. One 10 pt came thru at 830am on the 23 and 230pm on the 24. The other 10 came thru on the 18,22, and 24. Today was my 2nd am hunt in that spot. Be glad when my vacation starts so I can put in lots of hrs in that spot. Man I want one of these deer!

JamesG 10-25-2017 07:23 PM

Good luck with them

Sixes 10-25-2017 08:05 PM

Lots of movement right now. I saw 18 this afternoon. 2 were shooter size. 1 at about 350 yards and one barely across the property line. We have a creek as the property line and it was swollen from the rain.

jerry hale 10-26-2017 05:35 AM

Good luck

bouncy 10-26-2017 07:12 AM

Nice ones!! Good luck!

Duff 10-26-2017 07:21 AM

Good looking bucks!

Quickdraw 10-27-2017 08:06 PM

He beat me there this am. Came thru once last night at 230am and came thru again at 613am on a different trail. I sat till 1045. Trying again in am. As long as I keep getting the right wind I'm going to stick with that spot

BuckyT 10-29-2017 09:18 AM

Hope you get him Kevin!

Quickdraw 10-29-2017 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by BuckyT (Post 1118240)
Hope you get him Kevin!

Thanks! Everything was perfect this am other than a little too windy. Felt good about it but didn't see a deer until 10. I see legs coming up the trail thru thicket. I get in position and heart goes into overdrive and out steps a 4 pt. LoL. Then had a young 8 come thru like he,was late for a funeral followed by a spike. No 10 pt danggit

BuckyT 10-29-2017 01:40 PM

Time in the stand will kill that buck.

Quickdraw 10-29-2017 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by BuckyT (Post 1118248)
Time in the stand will kill that buck.

Hope so! I'm off from work to hunt starting Thurs thru Nov13 th:cheer:

Quickdraw 11-02-2017 05:18 PM

Well, I shot the big 10 pt this am at 805am.8 yd shot slightly quartering to me. Shot him right behind the shoulder but a touch high. Backed out and called a tracking dog. Mikes dog took us to the buck but he hadn't expired and jumped up and ran off. Tracked him into another area of thick planted pines and backed out. Going back in to follow the blood trail in the am. My guess is the totes will find him tonight��

I actually hunted some different scrapes 300-400 yds away and he came right to me responding to my grunt call

JamesG 11-02-2017 05:59 PM

Damn Kev. Hope you find him.

Sixes 11-02-2017 06:23 PM

That sucks. You could of missed all the vitals and he might survive

jb 11-02-2017 06:51 PM

Good luck. Pulling for you

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